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Полнофункциональный инструмент для картирования мыслей и мозгового штурма, разработанный для генерирования идей

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18 июля 2019
Get Presentation Ready with XMind: ZEN
Speaking of presentation, we might first come up with fancy animations, well-designed slides, even like motion pictures. You can search for tons of presentation templates on the Internet, but the presentation really matters about styling? Fancy animation? Instead, it’s more than that. Presentation is about communications and built based on storytelling. According to Darya Manukhina’s […]

26 июня 2019
Topic Link – A Magic Carpet Ride on Mind Mapping
We might create a new sheet from the current topic and elaborate them freely. Then, inspiration falls, you’ve found the current topic can be linked back to the previous topic on the first sheet. Switching back and forward definitely knocks you out. Topic Link was born last year and is a child that easily neglected, but […]

19 июня 2019
Nah. No Blur Anymore.
Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash Jot down ideas directly on topics and flow with what’s going on in mind is exciting yet efficient. But once the words are overload, it would be better to use images to carry the ideas. One picture is worth thousands of words. But, here’s the problem, when it comes to files export, […]

22 мая 2019
URL Scheme – From XMind to Productivity Paradise
URL Scheme can be inserted and opened in XMind: ZEN on macOS now. You can start an app or trigger specific actions when your app opens when inserting a related URL Scheme into it. What is URL Scheme? For example, in, the scheme is HTTP. Scheme is like the destination of where you are […]

06 мая 2019
Revive with XMind: ZEN Update for this Spring
The buzzing of the bees, the growing willow trees, and the mild breeze. Blossom by blossom the spring begins, and XMind: ZEN Update 201904 rings. Start a treasure hunt with us, and see what are the latest features in this update. Save Outliner to PDF Easily Fast Export / Clear and Organized / Complete and Compact Outliner splits the […]

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