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Полнофункциональный инструмент для картирования мыслей и мозгового штурма, разработанный для генерирования идей

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06 мая 2019
Revive with XMind: ZEN Update for this Spring
The buzzing of the bees, the growing willow trees, and the mild breeze. Blossom by blossom the spring begins, and XMind: ZEN Update 201904 rings. Start a treasure hunt with us, and see what are the latest features in this update. Save Outliner to PDF Easily Fast Export / Clear and Organized / Complete and Compact Outliner splits the […]

25 апреля 2019
In Reminiscence of Tony Buzan
Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill. Tony Buzan 13th April 2019, the lighthouse of mind mapping harbour faded. Tony Buzan, the promoter of mnemonic systems and mind mapping techniques, closed his eyes but left us with his incredible fortune which he spent his life to popularise and make it […]

12 апреля 2019
Demystifying the War between Hand-drawn Mind Maps and Digital Mind Maps
Photo by Vitor Monteiro on Unsplash It is a war that thousands will join. The longhand group insists that digital mind maps are trash. The digital side fights back fiercely by throwing out powerful features of the software. To outsiders, the debate seems to be mind-mapping exclusive. However, when the arguments move on, it is inevitably pointing to […]

13 марта 2019
Cracking the Agile Project Management
Agile project management differs from traditional methods for its emphasis on the short feedback loops and adaptive cycles. By constantly releasing increments, advocates believe the Agile process is more adaptive to customer value and need. It was first introduced in the 1990s to replace the heavyweight waterfall methodologies. The early 2000s witnessed a milestone to […]

08 марта 2019
Chapter I of Structures in XMind: ZEN
Imagine you are playing the SimCity, but you’ve got to build the city by using things below: Central Topic – City Center Key thoughts – Main Roads Secondary Thoughts – Secondary Roads Images/Notes/Marks – Landmarks So how are you going to arrange it? Make it convenient and reasonable for the citizens (your ideas) to live, […]

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