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Единая платформа, дающая переводчикам, заказчикам и агентствам возможность переводить контент на любые языки быстрее и качественнее

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Логотип SmartCAT

смарткэт, смарткат, смарткет, ыьфкесфе, cvfhnr'n, cvfhnrtn, cvfhnrfn

Официальный сайт

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Комиссия 10%
Вывод денег Visa/MasterCard


Средняя цена 150руб за 1000 знаков
Особенности Совмещение функционала CRM и CAT-инструмента

Создание, хранение, импорт TM и глоссариев

Дополнительные платные услуги машинного перевода и распознавания изображений

Бесплатные вебинары по освоению функционала сервиса



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14 апреля 2021
Introducing in-context preview for Microsoft Word documents: See source text in its original layout
In-context preview gives translators a visual guide so they can see the source text in its original layout. Read how it works.

08 апреля 2021
The Law of the Jungle: How one small translation agency tackles government contracts
In this case study, we take a look at how Jungle Communications, a small California-based translation agency focusing on the government sector, managed to cut their pricing by 50% and still make a profit — while enjoying a quick and effortless process of finding new vendors at the same time.

02 апреля 2021
Internationalization: What it is, why it matters, and where to start
The terms “internationalization” and “localization” are often used interchangeably. We explain what internationalization is, and how to best approach it.

18 марта 2021
Up to 60% increase in productivity: Translation Assist case study
Translation Assist was using manual workflows that didn’t scale as their business grew. Switching to Smartcat helped increase their productivity by up to 60% thanks to the platform’s robustness, transparency, and integrated marketplace.

26 февраля 2021
Stronger by sharing: Key quotes from the 3rd #LocFromHome
We picked the best quotes from among the 100,000+ words said at the latest #LocFromHome conference and share them with you to make you stronger!

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