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Мониторинг сотрудников и отслеживание времени

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16 июня 2020 vs vs

Both (former ScreenshotMonitor) and share the following features

  1. Collect screenshots, time worked, activity level, apps used & websites visited (and duration on each)
  2. Managers can see all the collected data via browser on the web
  3. No webcam pictures
  4. No key-logging
  5. Screenshots are taken from all monitors

17 марта 2020
Time tracking for WFH employees during the coronavirus outbreak

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many employees will be working from home instead of the office. Therefore, it may be more difficult for many companies to stay profitable during this COVID-19 pandemic. How can managers ensure that employees stay productive when they telecommute? 

How to keep productivity when

16 марта 2020
Screenshot Monitor time tracking is free until June, to help businesses working remotely due to coronavirus

To help businesses track their employees’ time while they work remotely from home due to the coronavirus, Screenshot Monitor is letting employers use the top-tier version of their time-tracking software for free until June with the promo code COVID-19

The Professional time tracking plan  usually costs $6.

25 октября 2018

How to send Error Report (Windows)

If you encounter errors with the program. Click on the menu icon and select “Send error report…” item.
Type brief description of the issue.
Click Send. The report will include program log and your email.

Microsoft .NET Framework installation problems


25 октября 2018
Plans & Pricing

For how many users do I have to pay?

You will be charged for all team members on your Team page except archived. Account owners are free unless they track their own time. For example you have 6 people on your Team: 5 employees (1 of them archived) and yourself

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