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Как это работает? / Кратко о проекте

25 апреля 2019
How To Write A Compelling Case Study
Case studies – or as they’re sometimes called, customer success stories – influence people’s buying decisions. They highlight the positive experience that one of your customers had while using your product, demonstrating that the reader can enjoy the same results. But, how a case study is written plays a major role in whether it’s able ...

18 апреля 2019
5 Critical Things To Check In Your Email Newsletter Before Hitting “Send”
An email newsletter is a fantastic way to connect with prospects and customers. In a time when social media is being touted as the top channel for engaging prospects, savvy marketers know that email still reigns supreme for one-to-one permission-based marketing. Email is more personal. People are giving you permission to email you – they’ve ...

04 апреля 2019
5 Clever Ways To Promote Your Business This Easter Holiday
With the Christmas season officially in the rear-view mirror, you can confidently turn your attention to growing your business in 2014. But don’t get too relaxed. In the U.S., there’s always another holiday lurking around the corner.   And Easter is next up to bat.   For the creative marketer, holiday promotions offer a great ...

21 марта 2019
4 Lead Magnet Ideas To Help Realtors Build Email Lists
Most people don’t buy when they are first exposed to a product or service. They want to research the item for sale and even the person selling it. They want to gain a level of comfort that comes from doing due diligence.   As a real estate agent, you know this all too well. How ...

07 марта 2019
Putting Picreel Leads to Work: Why You Need to Start a Newsletter This Year
In our last blog, we talked about connecting Picreel to your email marketing system. From here, in addition to adding new leads to your nurturing funnel or having sales reach out, what do you actually doRead This Post  

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