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Moqups – обзор и сравнение с аналогами, отзывы

птимизированное веб-приложение, которое помогает вам создавать и совместно работать в режиме реального времени на каркасах, макетах, диаграммах и прототипах.

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18 марта 2019
What’s New: March 18, 2019
New Features: Live Collaborator Cursors: We’ve made it even easier for your team to create and edit in real time by expanding Collaborator Presence to include both object selections and live cursors. Now, you can coordinate your work seamlessly by seeing who’s doing what and where. You can choose to show or hide ‘Collaborator cursors’ […]

06 марта 2019
Go Further and Faster With Diagrams
When Moqups launched Diagrams in the summer of 2016, we knew our users were hungry for that functionality. At the time, we explained our rationale in both a short illustrated fable and a blog post: Diagramming was once a tool used primarily by System Architects and Business Analysts. But now, almost every kind of project […]

26 февраля 2019
What’s New: February 19, 2019
New Features: Components: Create reusable elements that inherit the properties of an original object or group, and instantly apply comprehensive and consistent changes within projects. Save your team the tedium of applying repetitive updates – and free them for more creative and productive work! Use the Component button in the Top Toolbar, or the Component […]

20 января 2019
Introducing Gradients – Red, Green, and everything in between!
The deepening of blue as you move from dock to sea. The waves of color in autumn hills. The slow ripening from green to red on a mango’s skin. Subtle gradations of wet sand along a shoreline’s footprint. The sudden blush of a baby’s cheek. And the lustrous waves of orange, pink and blue as […]

20 декабря 2018
What’s New: December 20, 2018
New Features Gradients – both Linear and Radial – are now available for both Fill and Stroke colors. We’ve added UML diagram stencils to the Stencil Library, and UML start-and-end markers to the Connector Style section of the Format Panel. Improvements In the Pages Panel, there’s now an ‘Empty trash’ option in the right-click Context […]

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