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птимизированное веб-приложение, которое помогает вам создавать и совместно работать в режиме реального времени на каркасах, макетах, диаграммах и прототипах.

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мокупс, мокапс, ьщйгзы, vjregc, vjrfgc

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Язык Английский
Бесплатный тариф Бесплатный тариф — 1 проект, не более 500 объектов, 5 мб места в облачном хранилище
Минимальный тариф $19 / месяц
Особенности Неограниченное количество пользователей на платных тарифах
Мобильное приложение Нет

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18 июня 2019
To Wireframes and Beyond!
Helping teams create mockups is at the core of our mission. After all, it’s where we started – and how we got our name! But since we launched in 2012, Moqups has evolved to become much more than a wireframing tool. We’ve added diagramming, prototyping, whiteboarding, charting, annotation, and commenting because we understand – and […]

10 июня 2019
What’s New: June 10, 2019
New Features: You can now both color and highlight any selection of text – individual characters, words, or whole paragraphs – directly from the Quick-Format Text toolbar, making it easier for teams to write and edit content directly on the page. The Stencil Library’s new ‘Callouts & Annotations’ category includes the versatile Callout, as well […]

06 июня 2019
Speed Up Your Process With Components
With the introduction of Components, you can now create reusable elements that instantly sync across all instances of that element within your Moqups project. Turn any single object or group into a Component, and all copies of that element will automatically inherit any changes made to the original. This way, your team can apply quick, […]

04 июня 2019
What’s New: May 13, 2019
New Features A Welcome Screen now greets new users and offers the option of starting from a selection of templates or from a blank page. Charts: Our New Funnel chart is great for visualizing website conversions, sales pipelines, customer retention, and PPC promotional campaigns. When you select a chart on the page, new buttons let […]

18 марта 2019
What’s New: March 18, 2019
New Features: Live Collaborator Cursors: We’ve made it even easier for your team to create and edit in real time by expanding Collaborator Presence to include both object selections and live cursors. Now, you can coordinate your work seamlessly by seeing who’s doing what and where. You can choose to show or hide ‘Collaborator cursors’ […]
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