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Совместная работа над интеллект-картами, концепт-картами и схемами

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майндмо, миндмо, ьштвьщ, vfqylvj? vbylvj

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Операционная система Linux, Windows, Mac
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Платный тариф $36 — $162
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03 июля 2019
The benefits of mind-mapping
Experts estimate that our minds have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Our brains work like little factories and the synapses never cease to pass chemical or electrical signals to each other. In fact, this is the beauty of our amazing brain. Each thought generates another one and so on and by the time […]

19 июня 2019
Unscheduled downtime
The replicas of our database servers got unsynchronized. We are running a repairing procedure right now. Until repairing is finished editing of your map will be disabled. We are deeply sorry about this. We will get back with more details once we are finished. UPDATE: We managed to solve the technical problems with our servers. […]

25 апреля 2019
Manage your to-dos directly from mind maps with our new task feature
We are back with the third upgrade of this series: integrating the task functionality into normal mind maps. Use tasks to keep your information organized, set due dates for your projects, prioritize your work, set completion rates or assign them to your collaborators. You can now turn topics from your mind map into tasks (Ctrl+K) […]

19 апреля 2019
Filtering by hashtags
Did you know that you can now add hashtags to your mind map and use them as filtering instruments? Add hashtags to your topics to easily label them, and the next time you type #, you will see an autocomplete list. Continue typing if you want to insert a new hashtag or click on an […]

15 апреля 2019
Multimedia panel reorganization
We are back with a series of upgrades to our tool, one of which is reorganizing our Multimedia panel from the left toolbar. Our existing Multimedia panel has been split into three specialized panels: one for images, one for videos and one for audio files. Use them to quickly add multimedia resources to your topics, […]

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