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22 января 2014
Get Involved
Hey, folks! As some of you might know, IntenseDebate is part of a bigger family of services on the web, brought to you by Automattic. We work on many projects on the internet, from supporting bloggers around the world at WordPress.com to supercharging self-hosted websites at Jetpack to fighting spam at Akismet — and much more. If […]

31 июля 2013
Flagging and Blocking Trolls
For as long as there have been blogs and discussion forums, there have been trolls. A troll is a commenter who hangs around your site primarily to annoy and aggravate you and your readers. Trolling is different from simply being critical. Not all of your readers will agree with everything you write — in fact, we […]

09 апреля 2013
Log in to IntenseDebate with WordPress.com Connect
We’ve recently launched updates that may affect the way you log in to IntenseDebate. We’ve now switched over to using WordPress.com Connect for IntenseDebate, which allows you to securely use your WordPress.com credentials to log into IntenseDebate.com and IntenseDebate-powered commenting areas. What does this mean? If you previously used a WordPress.com account to log in to IntenseDebate, you’ll […]

27 февраля 2013
Comment Moderation 101
In our last post, we focused on commenting etiquette, so this time, let’s move across the table and talk about moderating your comments. Your moderation options IntenseDebate offers some powerful moderation options. On your Moderation Settings page, you can customize your settings to filter and moderate by keywords, the number of links in a comment, and […]

03 декабря 2012
Commenting 101: Get the Most Out of IntenseDebate
In the past, we’ve used this blog to post news and updates about our commenting software. We hope IntenseDebate has improved your overall experience on different sites — including your own. This time around we thought it’d be helpful to offer tips on commenting in general. What’s the point of setting up and using IntenseDebate’s features if […]

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