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iMindMap · обзор, сравнение с аналогами

Программное обеспечение Mind Mapping, Brainstorming и Project Planning Software

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09 июня 2022
Unleash the next generation of mind mapping
With Ayoa, mind maps live up to their creativity. With OpenGenius (creators of iMindMap) loyalty is rewarded. Discover the next generation of mind mapping and save 50% today! Continue reading

09 октября 2019
Say hello to NEW Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa
Discover the radiating, curved branches associated with the traditional Mind Map invented by Tony Buzan in our cloud-based app, Ayoa. Start your 7-day free trial today. Continue reading

18 февраля 2019
Why creativity matters in marketing and how Mind Mapping can boost your marketing strategy
We’re exposed to hundreds of media messages every day making it increasingly more difficult for marketeers to cut through the clutter. Those that have it will use money in an attempt to get a leg up on their competition. But, … Continue reading

11 февраля 2019
How to overcome your creative block using Mind Mapping
Creative blocks can happen to us all, whatever field of work you’re in. When you feel you’ve hit that dreaded wall, it can be difficult to stay inspired and motivated to push through to the other side. Often you’ll find … Continue reading

30 января 2019
4 skills and qualities of an effective team leader
Leaders are required in all walks of life. While not everyone can become president, the impact of a good leader – even within smaller teams – is very real.Handling a team of people is by no means an easy feat … Continue reading

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