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12 октября 2021
5 Helpful Online Resources with .ORG Domains
The .ORG extension is home to countless nonprofits, social enterprises, clubs, communities, and individuals who share one thing in common: they’re on a mission to make a positive impact. If you’re looking to make the world better and need a professional platform to help you promote your cause, a domain .ORG domain is for you. […]

08 октября 2021
Enable two-step sign in on your Hover account
In today’s digital age, we’ve all heard it before. Incidents of emails being hacked, massive database leaks, and cybersecurity threats are all too common. A strong password is the first line of defense against third-party threats, but relying on a password alone can leave your account vulnerable. Two-factor authentication (or 2FA), also known as two-step […]

28 сентября 2021
Creative Ways to Use a .LIVE Domain for Your Brand or Business
.LIVE is the perfect marketing tool for anyone that delivers in-the-moment experiences or is seeking to engage directly with their audience. This domain extension is ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes who focus on live entertainment, media broadcasting, music, streaming services, gaming, digital events, education and more.  With a .LIVE domain you can […]

22 сентября 2021
Startups with .INC domains are securing millions in funding
.INC means business. This professional domain extension can give a major boost to a brand’s ability to attract both customers and investors. Many startups, especially those that are newly established, struggle to build brand recognition and credibility in their early stages. A .INC domain gives you a clear and concise brand image with value investors […]

14 сентября 2021
3 Reasons Why the Internet Loves .GAY
.GAY is the latest domain extension to take the Internet by storm through its focus on supporting LGBTQ+ communities around the world. This domain is bold, inspirational, and reaches audiences that other domain extensions just don’t. Here are three reasons why we think the Internet loves .GAY and why it’s a great choice for both […]
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