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05 июля 2021
How to Move Your Brick-n-Mortar Shop Online
Overnight, the pandemic quickly highlighted the retailers who had invested in their online presence and those that had completely overlooked it. The latter is no longer an option as online is now essential for small business survival.  Now that shoppers of all price points have migrated to the digital-first mentality, your business must respond strategically […]

05 июля 2021
The best time to get a .US domain?
The time is now! The 4th of July has left us feeling a deep sense of patriotism and American pride. But having a top-level domain like .US could mean much more than that for your brand or business.  Established in 1985, registrants of a .US domain were typically used only by U.S. citizens, residents and […]

21 июня 2021
Celebrating LGBTQ Joy on .GAY Domains
In 2020, the .gay domain launched and immediately started doing things differently. To support LGBTQ communities directly, .gay breaks the industry mold by donating 20% of all new registration revenue to benefit LGBTQ nonprofit groups. The extension raised $148,864.41 during 2020 for its inaugural LGBTQ beneficiaries, GLAAD and CenterLink. Additionally, the .gay Rights Protections Policy […]

21 июня 2021
.INC: Show Off Your Brand Name With Confidence and Professionalism
Your domain name represents the core voice of your business. It should represent your brand with confidence. Whether you’re a start up just launching your website, a growing business or an established enterprise, a .inc domain can work for you! Here is how your business can benefit from a .INC domain: upgraded to […]

19 мая 2021
53 Cheap (or Free!) Tools to Help You with Your Website
As a website creator, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the steps you need to take in order to bring your vision to life. From how to create a website to what colors and fonts you can use, from where to source images to what platforms are available to you, we’ve compiled a […]
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