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17 июня 2019
Why Tech Startups Love to Use .IO Domains
The popularity of .IO domains for tech startups has surged in recent years. Why? In part, because it’s a great way to instantly establish your emerging brand as a tech company. Tech enthusiasts adopted .IO as a nod to input/output, giving the ccTLD — which was originally assigned to represent the British Indian Ocean Territory […]

10 июня 2019
How to Set and Achieve Business Goals with Radix
If you’re starting a business, you want it to be a success. No entrepreneur has ever started a business with no intention of making it a mega-success. Also, no serious entrepreneur (such as yourself) has ever achieved any success without clearly defining his or her purpose and business goals. Well-set, strategic goals represent important achievements […]

03 июня 2019
Popular Domain Names for Podcasters
Being a podcaster is an exciting world to be part of. The listener rates boast enticing numbers for any potential podcaster, with 73% of Americans over the age 12 listening of podcasts on a monthly basis and 28% of Canadians over the age of 18 tuning in monthly. If you’re looking to connect with an […]

31 мая 2019
Hover Feature Update: We’re Enabling Sign-In Notifications for All Accounts
Improving The Security of Your Hover Account Starting today, we’re automatically enabling the “Log Sign In Activity” feature for all Hover users to improve the security of your Hover account. This means that Hover will send an email notification to your account email address whenever there is a successful sign in to your Hover account […]

27 мая 2019
When is the Right Time to Incorporate Your Business?
It might be sooner than you think! Whether you’re just starting out or have already been operating your business for a while, the question eventually comes up: when should I incorporate my business? The simple answer is, if you’ve taken the jump from side project to full time, it’s time to incorporate. But what if […]

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