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16 июля 2018
Gitter Topics Deprecation Notice

We introduced Gitter Topics in September 2016 as an experiment. Unfortunately, it never gained traction and remained in beta through its life-span. After some consideration, we've decided to deprecate and remove this underused feature, allowing us to focus on the chat application.

Topics will be completely removed from the Gitter

11 июня 2018
Gitter Token Leak Security Issue Notification

Issue Summary

A vulnerability in the Gitter desktop application resulted in an inadvertent leak of your Gitter tokens. This affects v2 and v3 of the Gitter desktop app which we officially distribute for Windows and Linux. This only affects macOS if you manually downloaded v2/v3 (we distribute v1.177

16 февраля 2018
Gitter XSS Crypto Mining Security Issue Notification

Issue Summary

An XSS exploit in our KaTeX parser was used to embed a JavaScript crypto miner in clients via an exploitative message.

The exploitative message was spread across 25 rooms and 146 users read those messages. The messages were available for about 1 hour (minutes after being reported) before

15 марта 2017
Gitter + GitLab = win

Hello everyone, amazing news today, Gitter has been acquired by GitLab. Wow!

Before getting into the details, we’d like to thank the 800,000+ people who make up the Gitter community for your enthusiasm and support for everything we’ve done. You’ve inspired our tiny team to keep

17 ноября 2016
Join the Dark Side

Today we are rolling out some changes to our UI. For those that haven't already played with it, you'll notice it's very white. We appreciate that a lot of developers like working in darker environments and so we've introduced a dark theme.

Dark Theme

In order to enable the new theme go

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