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GitHub - это одновременно репозиторий и программа для разработки IT-проектов в команде, а также для работ с открытым исходным кодом

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15 октября 2021
💾 Save the date for GitHub Game Off 2021
Game Off is an annual game jam (or “hackathon for building games”) that’s a little different from most—it lasts for the entire month of November—not just a weekend or a few days. It’s the perfect

14 октября 2021
Student developer resources you won’t find in the classroom
Heading back to school? Did you just graduate? The GitHub Education Stream Team (GEST) is sharing resources, tools, and more to help emerging developers land a job. Student leaders from around the world are creating and hosting shows to grow the tech community and share information you won’t find in the classroom.

12 октября 2021
Apply now for GitHub Universe 2021 micro-mentoring
As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure GitHub’s conferences are accessible and inclusive to people from all walks of life, we’re offering 30-minute, 1:1 micro-mentoring sessions with GitHub employees.

11 октября 2021
GitHub security update: revoking weakly-generated SSH keys
On September 28, 2021, we received notice from the developer Axosoft regarding a vulnerability in a dependency of their popular git GUI client - GitKraken. An underlying issue with a dependency, called `keypair`, resulted in the GitKraken client generating weak SSH keys.

08 октября 2021
Release Radar · September 2021 Edition
The Northern Hemisphere has hit fall, and the southern is starting to warm into summer. September has been a busy time for our community. Maintainers have been getting their repositories ready for Hacktoberfest, joining us

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