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GitHub - это одновременно репозиторий и программа для разработки IT-проектов в команде, а также для работ с открытым исходным кодом

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Поддержка Gist

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01 октября 2020
Keeping your data pipelines healthy with the Great Expectations GitHub Action
This post is the second in our series on using GitHub for MLOps and data science. Just joining in? Get started with part one. Most continuous integration (CI) tools only focus on providing ways to

30 сентября 2020
GitHub Welcomes the OpenJDK Project!
Earlier this month we were thrilled to welcome the OpenJDK Community to GitHub. The communities migration effort, codenamed Project ‘Skara’, brought JDK 16 main-line development into GitHub. The JDK project is at the heart of the Java community

30 сентября 2020
Code scanning is now available!
Now available, code scanning is a developer-first, GitHub-native approach to easily find security vulnerabilities before they reach production.

25 сентября 2020
Phishing Resistant SMS Autofill
We recently shipped support for the origin-bound draft standard for security codes delivered via SMS. This standard ensures security codes are entered in a phishing-resistant manner. It accomplishes this by binding an SMS with the sending site’s origin. In

25 сентября 2020
GitHub Action Hero · James Ives and “GitHub Pages Deploy”
GitHub Actions gives you the power to automate your workflow. Connect with the tools you know and love. Have more freedom to innovate and be creative. Deploy to any cloud, build containers, automate messages, and

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