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Clarizen - облачный сервис для совместной деятельности и организации управления продуктами, которые находятся в разработке у нескольких компаний или подразделений одновременно

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27 июля 2021
Triple Constraint in Project Management: the Basics

What is Triple Constraint? One of the oldest and most useful concepts in project management is triple constraint. Sometimes referred to as iron triangle or project triangle, triple constraint captures the reality that in order for a project to achieve its required objectives and meet quality expectations, it must successfully operate within three boundaries: scope, […]

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08 июля 2021
What Does a Project Manager Do?

If you ask an experienced project manager “what does a project manager do?”, then be prepared to have your inquiry answered with another question: “well, what doesn’t a project manager do?” Indeed, the responsibilities of a project manager are broad, and range from performing tactical and technical tasks, to carrying out strategic and executive functions […]

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29 июня 2021
Work Breakdown Structure: The Basics & Best Practices

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is an essential project management tool that is used for planning, scheduling, control, resource management, risk management, and communications. This informative and easy-to-read article explores the basics of a work breakdown structure, and offers valuable WBS best practices for new and experienced project managers alike. What is a Work Breakdown […]

The post Work Breakdown Structure: The Basics & Best Practices appeared first on Clarizen.

24 июня 2021
5 Must-Have Agile Project Management Tools

16th century poet George Herbert said that “a bad workman quarrels with his tools.” And while there is practical wisdom in this observation, just don’t try and mention it to people in the 21st century who have been saddled with ineffective, limited, or just plain awful agile project management tools – because instead of a […]

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23 июня 2021
Project Planning Software

Project Planning Software: 3 Critical Questions to Choose the Right Solution Legendary crooner Frank Sinatra – along with legions of inebriated wedding guests who (unfortunately) considered themselves karaoke superstars – have belted out the epic song “My Way,” which contains the signature lyrics “regrets, I’ve had a few; but then again, too few to mention.”  […]

The post Project Planning Software appeared first on Clarizen.

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