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Clarizen – обзор и сравнение с аналогами, отзывы

Clarizen - облачный сервис для совместной деятельности и организации управления продуктами, которые находятся в разработке у нескольких компаний или подразделений одновременно

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20 мая 2019
The Secret to Driving Change? Make New Behaviors a Habit

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished,” Ben Franklin once said. The founding father probably understood that change, while difficult, is vital to innovation. But all too often organizations embrace the warm blanket of inertia. What if we could instill change in the workplace as a daily routine? Like brushing your teeth? The trick is building […]

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17 мая 2019
Four Steps to Managing a Bad Decision

Everyone makes mistakes. But when you’re in a leadership role, the stakes are higher. Your missteps resonate across teams, and in some cases, entire organizations. Acknowledging mistakes is crucial to recovering from them—if you do it right. Once the shock subsides in the wake of a screw up, instincts kick in. You might want to […]

The post Four Steps to Managing a Bad Decision appeared first on Clarizen.

16 мая 2019
Want to Survive an Uncertain Economy? Plan Fast But Plan Well

Innovation can feel easy when the global economy is running at maximum strength. Investment pours in. Risks come with a promise of a soft landing if they don’t succeed. But with uncertainty about a worldwide pullback—from China to Brexit to Apple’s revenue—managers might find themselves confronting new challenges. Some see the slowdown as a natural […]

The post Want to Survive an Uncertain Economy? Plan Fast But Plan Well appeared first on Clarizen.

13 мая 2019
NBA or MBA – part two

In part one of this blog we discussed how over the past few years, basketball and executive teams have seen major changes in management styles and an emphasis on versatility. Following the digital revolution, a major shift to real-time analytics and fierce, swift competition modernized the old models. Today’s game, in both business and basketball, is much quicker, highlighting strong teamwork, agility, and a dramatic redistribution of traditional roles and responsibilities.

The post NBA or MBA – part two appeared first on Clarizen.

10 мая 2019
To Harness Collaborative Chaos, Develop the Right Mindset

Collaboration, when done right, can be rocket fuel for an organization. Whether it’s through a solution like Clarizen or a white board with sticky notes (ideally both!), teamwork can help us understand what we know and how we know it. In theory, collective minds produce better ideas. Yet our own experience might tell us otherwise. […]

The post To Harness Collaborative Chaos, Develop the Right Mindset appeared first on Clarizen.

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