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13 ноября 2019
8 Marketing Automation Tips for Small Business
Marketing automation can be a godsend for small businesses. With limited time, resources, and team members on hand, automating repetitive tasks and processes allows your small business to do more with less for better marketing results. But even the robots need a little help doing their jobs. To make sure that you’re optimizing your business’s…

07 ноября 2019
11 Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Content
With new marketing channels popping up regularly, email marketing may seem like an outdated technique. Despite this, email marketing remains the channel with the highest ROI per marketing dollar and is an incredibly effective tool for everything from direct and effective sales to growing social media audiences. The main thing that has changed over the…

29 октября 2019
Growing Your Email List With Chatbots
As chatbots continue to grow in popularity, especially with the onset of AI-backed capabilities, their potential applications in the business realm continue to grow. According to Gartner, 55 percent of all companies will be using chatbots by 2020. Forrester research describes chatbot growth as “crazy,” stating, “Bots are easier to develop than apps, and they’re…

24 октября 2019
5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails More Personal
Can you guess how many emails were sent in one day in 2018?  Would your guess be in the thousands or millions? Surprisingly, it is actually in the billions. In one day in 2018, there were 281 billion emails sent and received. Even more surprising is that number is expected to increase to 347 billion…

21 октября 2019
8 Email Deliverability Tips To Help You Get to the Inbox in 2020
Wouldn’t it be great if every email you sent actually ended up in your intended recipients’ inboxes? While that’s certainly the goal when it comes to email marketing, making your way into someone’s inbox is often a lot easier said than done — especially with today’s rigorous spam filters. Okay, we know what you’re thinking:…

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