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18 июня 2019
5 Ways to Use Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Techniques for Lead Generation
People often ask, “should I be doing email marketing or social media marketing?” The answer is that you should actually be doing both! Your marketing efforts will be the strongest when you use both of these channels together. The biggest reason why a combination of these two channels is more effective than using either one…

14 июня 2019
Lessons Learned from Top Brands on How to Rock on Instagram
Instagram has gained a huge footing from various social media marketers thanks to its knack for connecting people. According to Forrester Research, Instagram is superior to every other social network when it comes to user engagement. Of the seven social networks reviewed, six had an engagement rate less than 0.1 %. Instagram was the only…

13 июня 2019
What Trends You Must be Aware of While Designing a CRM Strategy in 2019
It is essential for businesses to create and maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. People in the management field already know as to how important it is to build a healthy customer relationship in business. Customer relationship management helps the company by creating goodwill in the industry. You can build goodwill in the market…

11 июня 2019
3 Priceless Email Marketing Lessons from Fatherly Advice
Dads. They offer an endless supply of awesomely terrible jokes. They amuse us with their habit of wearing socks with sandals. They keep us humble with their dictator-like control over the thermostat and light switches (everyone’s dad follows them around the house turning lights off … right?!). On top of all the funny little quirks…

05 июня 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Creating Irresistible Event Marketing Emails
Event marketing encompasses many strategies that get people to take notice, and email is undoubtedly part of the mix. Keep reading to learn how to create emails people can’t wait to read. Why Do Event Marketing Emails Matter? Many marketers wonder if email is still relevant. After all, more high-tech ways to spread the word…

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