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23 января 2020
How Content Fuels Your Email Marketing
It’s the classic question: which came first, the content or the marketing? Some may say that you can’t have a successful email marketing strategy without first creating the content that will sustain it. And while it’s really up to your team, process, and goals to determine how you go about prioritizing one over the other,…

22 января 2020
The 6 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending
Are you knocking it out of the park with your emails? Any marketer would rarely answer yes to that question. No matter what your strategy looks like or how effective you think it is, email marketing mistakes happen, and results can always be improved.  A successful email marketing strategy goes a lot deeper than just…

16 января 2020
7 Ways to Spice Up Your Email Newsletters
Email newsletters are one of the best tools that you have for providing prospects with valuable resources and staying top of mind with them. And with more than half of U.S. consumers checking their email accounts over ten times a day, brands have plenty of opportunities to connect with interested leads. But it’s not enough…

15 января 2020
How to Build an Effective Email Drip Campaign
Drip campaigns are crucial in educating, nurturing, and converting your prospects. They’re the star player in your overall marketing and sales game, so assembling them must be done with a lot of thought, care, and strategy. You also need a firm grasp on what makes your prospects tick so you can fill your campaigns with…

09 января 2020
3 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Working
Tons of hard work goes into implementing a marketing plan. From planning to execution, your team has to invest a lot of hours and a lot of effort into putting together a strategy that will succeed — which is why it’s such a bummer when it doesn’t. A failed marketing strategy is usually the result…

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