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14 августа 2019
60% Say Email Marketing is Biggest Source of ROI: Going Back to School To Hit Your Benchmarks
Nearly 60 percent of businesses say that email marketing is their top source of Return On Investment (ROI), according to HubSpot. We’ve got your back if you don’t feel like you’re hitting that benchmark. See what we did there?! Thankfully, Back to School season is here! This time of year can bring a rush of…

13 августа 2019
Inside Look: A More Flexible and Faster Campaign Creation Process
Benchmark is dedicated to building tools for growth, simplified. We aim to offer you streamlined processes that help you save time and stress less. That mission is the driving force behind any new Benchmark tools and improvements that our team makes. It has lead to new features big and small. Automation Pro was designed to…

12 августа 2019
Want to Build Your Email List Faster? 
Here is How to Choose the Right Lead Magnets
Most people used to be thrilled to receive anything via email. Two decades ago. Today everybody’s inbox is so flooded with messages – both wanted and unwanted – that even being able to send your newsletter has become a privilege. So, if you are a business willing to build a list for email marketing, how…

09 августа 2019
Heart of Business: Life is Never a Drag for Miz Cracker
A few weeks ago, the YouTube algorithm auto-played a video of Miz Cracker giving Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski a drag makeover. It left me thinking about the opportunities that being on a show like RuPaul’s Drag Race opened up for a drag queen’s career. Then, I remembered I hosted a podcast that asked those very…

06 августа 2019
Raising the Bar: How Sandbox Software Engaged a List of 3,000 Subscribers
Sandbox was founded in 2011 when the two co-founders discovered the need for an administration software in the childcare industry. Looking at other players in this industry, they quickly noticed that there were only a few options available and they were cumbersome to work in and outdated. They set out to develop a solution that…

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