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Airbrake – обзор и сравнение с аналогами, отзывы

Airbrake - облачный инструмент для отслеживания и ликвидирования багов, включающий в себя опции бэклога, фильтра, helpdesk

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29 ноября 2018
Airbrake adds SOC 2 Type II Certification
As part of our continued commitment to provide a the most secure platform to our customers, we are pleased to announce that Airbrake has completed a SOC 2 Type II certification under the Security Trust Principle with Cyberguard, LLP. What is SOC 2 Type II? Companies of all sizes are... continue reading →

18 октября 2018
Hotspots are heating up
Helping users, it’s kinda the main purpose we’re all building software applications for right? I mean if a digital tree falls in a forest and no one ever uses it, does it matter? Our latest addition (see our previous additions) to our Hotspots feature set (which is still quite young... continue reading →

18 сентября 2018
Ch-ch-ch-changes! Airbrake’s new Code Insights
We might have let it slip already in a recent post but there’s a nifty new set of features that’s all about giving you more visibility into what is actually changing in your app. We’re calling it Code Insights. We believe by giving you a richer, more informative view of... continue reading →

04 сентября 2018
Delectable digests & other notable notifications news
How many of you guys and gals love checking Airbrake everyday? I mean, maybe some of you do but it would be more nifty if Airbrake bundled up recent project stats or even told you when you should take a look right? That’s why we’ve expanded the kinds of information... continue reading →

30 августа 2018
Ship it! The Airbrake Deploy Dashboard 2.0
At Airbrake we believe that fast feedback helps you improve software quality with more calm and confidence. That’s why we give you the tools to analyze the lifecycle of errors, code changes and deploys in addition to how they correlate. Along those lines, you may have noticed that your projects... continue reading →

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