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Airbrake · обзор, сравнение с аналогами

Airbrake - облачный инструмент для отслеживания и ликвидирования багов, включающий в себя опции бэклога, фильтра, helpdesk

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25 июня 2020
Announcing Single Sign-on for All Paid Airbrake Plans
Recently Airbraked announced the availability of SAML Single Sign-on for large teams. Since that announcement, we have received a number of customer requests to make this feature available for smaller teams as well. Since Airbrake takes security – and customer feedback – seriously, today we are happy to announce that... continue reading →

15 апреля 2020
With a Little Help From My Trends
You may already be familiar with Airbrake email digests which give you a snapshot of what happened to your application’s health over the past week. Expanding on the week-to-week changes shown in digest emails, Airbrake now gives you a central hub for monitoring and comparing weekly changes in the health... continue reading →

09 апреля 2020
Airbrake Raises $11 Million from Elsewhere Partners
Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA, April 9, 2020 – Airbrake, a leading application performance, and code-level error monitoring software company, announced an $11 million financing round led by Elsewhere Partners. Airbrake offers real-time error monitoring for the end-to-end application stack, improving the efficiency of continuous integration and continuous development... continue reading →

10 марта 2020
Announcing Single Sign-on for Large Teams
Got a large team and need the highest security? Airbrake’s newest feature addition got you covered. That’s right, the latest feature horse in the Airbrake stable is Single Sign-on for enterprise teams which bring support for OneLogin and Okta. What is SAML SSO? I’m really glad you asked. (Also, how... continue reading →

05 февраля 2020
Performance Monitoring Now Tracks Background Jobs
Now Airbrake Performance Monitoring automatically tracks your app’s background jobs. That’s right! Get direct insight into failure rates and durations all on your Performance dashboard. Correlate errors, performance issues, and job failures to identify and address problems fast. What can I do with Background Job Tracking? Now with Background Jobs... continue reading →

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