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Первый и единственный сторонний плагин для обмена социальными ресурсами, доступный в качестве компонента AMP

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06 мая 2019
How to Speed Up Your GitLab CI Pipelines for Node Apps by 40%
Article by Drew Tabor, an engineer at AddThis Are you limited in moving to full CI/CD because of resource constraints? Are you having trouble scaling or concerned about performance? Or maybe you’re tired of waiting on your pipelines to run? To explore how to improve all of the above, let’s dive into one of the … Continue reading How to Speed Up Your GitLab CI Pipelines for Node Apps by 40%

22 марта 2019
Win or Lose Big: What AddThis Social Data Says About March Madness Teams
March Madness isn’t only basketball and brackets. It’s also about odds and favorability. In the AddThis offices, we don’t just enjoy the live action in one of sports most talked about tournaments, we also geek out over the data and numbers game.   To pump up the jam for the 2019 tournament, kicking off this week, we dove into our vast database … Continue reading Win or Lose Big: What AddThis Social Data Says About March Madness Teams

11 марта 2019
Say Hello to AddThis for Ecommerce!
After twelve years and serving over 15 million websites, AddThis has become the most recognizable brand for share buttons across the web. As we look ahead, our team will be putting more focus on helping online retailers get the most value out of their websites. Our current website tools can help online retailers reduce cart … Continue reading Say Hello to AddThis for Ecommerce!

22 января 2019
AddThis Removes Google+ Share Button
As of December 12, 2018, AddThis has removed Google+ from our list of social sharing networks. Due to Google’s recent data breaches, we feel it’s in the best interest of our users’ security to deprecate the Google+ share button preemptively. After the reported bugs and pending shutdown of the Google+ social network were announced from … Continue reading AddThis Removes Google+ Share Button

11 декабря 2018
AddThis Year in Review 2018
Here at AddThis, we had some noteworthy milestones of our own this year. Here’s a look back on what happened at AddThis in 2018.

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